Research Centre on Identity and Migration Issues
Faculty of Political Science and Communication Sciences, University of Oradea, Romania
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Research fields

Research goal
The goal of the RCIMI is scientific research (the fundamental and the applied part) in the field of identity and migration.
Currently, two research groups are working at the Centre:
  • the first one has its focus on the management of migration and labour mobility
  • the second one studies issues on the national, regional and European identities.
Research areas
The research areas of the Centre include:
a) national, regional and European identity in the context of a unified
b) minorities and the respect of cultural identity within European
c) present migration flows;
d) labour migration trends;
e) the improvement of the legislative and institutonal frameworks;
f) the improvement of mechanisms meant to prevent illegal migration.
g) mobility, identity and active citizenship in Europe
Books and studies published by RCIMI members